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Website management of personal collection of DVDs. Based on mobile Allociné API to extract all relevant information of a film with just one click: title + original title type genre nationality movie length production year synopsis cover rating video casting etc. This project has also spawned a plugin SillySmart SLS_Allocine.
HYT is a Watch Brand evolving in the upper luxury market creating exclusive hybrid mechanical timepieces for watch connoisseurs.
Rapid Antenne 77
Website of the company Rapid Antenne 77 specialized in Installation / Maintenance / Troubleshooting terrestrial antennas, TNT / satellite Fransat and individual and group for unions to condominiums, community hostels
Free advertisement site, specializing in antique works of art and antiques. Linking sellers and buyers can estimate request online.
SillySmart Official Teaser
Site tesing of SillySmart, a lightweight and flexible MVC Framework written in PHP5 based on XML/XSL's parsing. Join the community and be informed of developments. Framework with four years of existence and proven on more than one hundred online applications. Soon, the site will include presentation, download, plugins, documentation, getting started, forum, etc..
Portfolio of Guillaume Lefèvre aka <Chatton>, freelance art director (illustration, web and motion design).
Belle Aventure
Website of the agency transformation Belle Aventure.
Windows Phone unofficial application for Fubiz website. The mobile application allows you to read the latest 20 articles in each category on the site, all comments, photo abum. The transition from one category to another is done by slide control Pivot. This application has not yet been published on the Market Place.
Windows Phone unofficial application for Numerama website. The mobile application allows you to read the last 30 articles on the site and all of their comments.
Johnnie Walker
Official french website of Johnnie Walker presenting the history of the brand, the various labels, tasting methods, photos, videos, recipe for cocktails, premium content, etc..
Paco Rabanne
Innovative presentation of navigation for the re-launch of the ready to wear clothing at Paco Rabanne at the Paris Fashion Week.
Hyt Teasing / Press
Site Teasing for the new brand of Swiss Haute Horlogerie and HYT limiting press access.
Facebook Application for Caron. Contest highlighting media content and allows the establishment of a competition to Internet fan of the brand on Facebook.  
FFT - Concertation Roland Garros
Website of consultation around the redevelopment of the Roland Garros stadium in Auteuil's greenhouses.
Place à Elles
Website of a gallery of artists.
In Sky
Affiliated with the school INSEEC PARIS Business School, IN'SKY acts as tour operator each year by sending ultra attractive prices for students in the major capitals of Europe, and in our alpine resorts.
Website of the Soft agency, the Audio Visual Factory: design, integration and delivery of design solutions video, broadcast, multimedia, sound and light.
Le Monde D'Avant
Is the world of those who have never experienced the yellow headlights, Chantal Goya, Punky Bruster or VHS tapes. The world before the Internet, mobile or Facebook. And it's like the world before electricity or running water: one wonders how they did ...  
Dom Pérignon - Epistole
Epistole is a webzine of training and information created by Dom Perignon for its privileged customers. Dom Perignon has created this innovative support to maintain a special relationship with prescribers. It is also a meeting place and exchange between Dom Perignon and its most loyal customers.
TechnoMarine Copenhagen
Event website for the Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Le Petit Baïona
The Little Baiona invites you to sample Basque specialties in a friendly under the banner of rugby. You will find specialty of the Basque Country as rice gaxuxa the axoa veal, Basque cake etc ... Our products are imported directly from the country, coast to try pig farmer, boards Basque charcuterie and cheese.
Barnum is the beverage of your event partner: provision of various drinks at the best price, staged with authentic decor, accessories, animations and all services necessary for its organization.
Website for a locksmith.
Shopandtip offers a shopping experience more fun and more transparent:   Earn euros enjoying the recommendations of friends and sharing yours!
JTV Apave
The JTV Apave is a new medium for internal communication destined for all employees.
1Clic1Deal is a site that relies on the idea of ​​bulk purchasing, and allows buyers to buy all kinds of products at prices under any competition! The user-friendly interface and welcoming presents daily 'deals' different!
Blog School Makeup-D May, it offers us articles and photographs around the school and its environment.
TechnoMarine Basel
Web Application designed to iPad, it was intended for the presentation of the collection of watch brand TechnoMarine 2011, at the Salon World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland.
RTE International
RTE ensures the quality of its infrastructure and optimal management of electricity flows on the network. RTE is an essential power of Europe. Manages the largest network in Europe, RTE provides connections between France and its neighbors with which electricity trade are permanent, as in Europe, the electricity does not stop at borders.
Chaumet, a French company active in the fields of jewelry, fine jewelry and watches in his office that designs, manufactures and sells in its workshops in specialty shops or with agents certified jewelry, ornaments and luxury watch is created. This site provides an innovative way to easy navigation, articulated in Flash, and in keeping with the spirit of luxury Chaumet.
Ateliers de la Création Urbaine
Urban Design Workshops are the think tank of the Region, including the key word is innovation. The objective of the workshop is to imagine the territories of the Ile-de-France in 2030 and to propose concrete solutions to sustainable development of the metropolis.
Wordpress blog revolving around the issue of electrical efficiency in the world. He deals with the problems of today by offering solutions and examples of items through the innovative.
From a technology project conducted since 2003 by three engineers from the Ecole Centrale d'Electronique, AVOB is initially achieving several years of research and development on the impact of changes in frequency of microprocessors....
Elle Est Belle
ElleEstBelle is a digital communication agency. Founded in 2003, is specialized in designing, producing commercials and corporate, the creation and 2D/3D animation and in the creation and production of audiovisual content (articles, short programs, webtv, etc.). dedicated to companies and advertisers.
SupDesRH is a school reference in Human Resources. It delivers two titles certified by the state and enrolled in the RNCP (National Directory of professional certifications): • "Head of Human Resources' state-certified Level II (license) • "HR managers CERTIFIED" Certified by the State Level I (Master II)
Unass is the site of the National Union of Lifeguards Lifeguards. It includes all the major associations of aid from France. In 1970, the National Union of Associations of Lifeguards and Lifeguards PTT (UNASS) is created to unite and coordinate action and development of various departmental associations. Present throughout the country through 102 departmental associations, rescue workers de la Poste and France Telecom are now about 32,000 owners of 5600 which CFAPSE and 600 monitors.
Photo slider Vilebrequin
Social network for selecting candidates and the promotion of a new type of event night: the evening participatory.
AMO site (Alternative Management Observatory), developed for the prestigious HEC aims to build a reflection between HEC students, researchers and professionals in the economic sphere and provide a working basis for an alternative view of management, promoting the human dimension and social.
Facebook application on behalf of Parker. Contest highlighting media content and allows the establishment of a competition to Internet fan of the brand on Facebook.
StarLimos is a limousine rental company in Ile-de-France.  The website allows:  present the company StarLimos , display its current actualities, list of the limousines available, display the different benefits available, allow the booking and payment of a benefit, contacting support, subscribe to offers, to participate in contests, etc.
Sennse was born from the union of two complementary agencies. Quinte & sens, communications agency founded in 1998, plied his trade primarily in areas related to mobility, public transport and transport infrastructure. Attentionconsultants, a consultancy established in 1989, was for its expert policy dialogue and public debate on issues related to urban planning and transport.
The French Agency for International Investment (AFII) is the national agency responsible for promoting, prospecting and facilitating international investment in France. It also coordinates initiatives promoting the attractiveness and economic image of France. AFII seeks to make the best business opportunities and customized services.
To mark the 30th anniversary of the brand in France, Shiseido, has organized an event that allowed users to earn a return trip for two to London to attend the exhibition « Future Beauty ». The application enabled to view pictures and videos, share these with friends, vote for their favorite artist, invite friends, share the work on his wall and draw out the winner.
CB'a Design
Back-Office and multilingual AMFPHP gateway to the dynamic new site full of flash CB'a Design. The back-office information management allowed : the company management, its various offices, divisions, staffs, job offers, projects, photo galleries, videos, newsletters, etc..  
Rue Des Nounous
Rue des nounous can quickly find the perfect nanny to keep your children on time or day! 100% free service! 2.0 website and online service to link parents and caregivers and assist them in planning for child care. Whether you are a parent or babysitter, you will find all the tools and services to meet your demands and needs.  
Website of TechnoMarine with these features : Highlighting of media content Customization of the home page via drag'n'drop Put together content from social sites (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc..) Presentation of collections / sub-collections Display all watches of a collection Display detailed record of a watch Detailed Features Similar Watches Zoom 8x Sharing Customization of the watch (cover + strap) Print the page Save the clock Search with auto-completion Authentication Platform to care Listing and viewing videos Wall goodies...
TechnoMarine Store
Pioneering Store Locator of TechnoMarine for identifying all global dealers of the brand. Here, through the Google Geocoder, TechnoMarine can add a click a store located anywhere on the planet. GPS coordinates are collected and converted to Cartesian coordinates x, y through complex mathematical formulas to dynamically place the dots on a map. Resellers are close geographically grouped into a single point. The internet, by typing its address, can instantly find the store closest to home in on the fly calculating the distance to the latter. Note that the store locator is...
TechnoMarine Blog
TechnoMarine blog to ensure a communication medium accompanying the websites launching of and Wordpress blog rank various news brand in each category. Art direction done by Jeremy Marzo.
Official website, portal of France : know his geography, find a tourist office, learn about daily life, study in France, start a business and expand its business. Wandi has provided all of the graphical integration (xHTML, CSS, JavaScript) on this project. This website has been launched for the National Day.
Website created for the company Wandi Expres specialized in creating turnkey websites. Chez-Bernard is a restaurant, located in Fontainebleau in Seine et Marne (77). Solution "site showcase" turnkey, with a home page, 3 pages and a contact page showcases. The site allows the restaurant to present its history, products, food and wine, opening hours and so the possibility of being contacted.  
Website of Wandi's company, Web Design & Innovations, an agency specializing in web application development types inter / intranet. The website can present the company, its expertise and its many references. Art direction and visual identity by Charles Maunoury.  
Le Banquet
Website created for the company Wandi Expres specialized in creating turnkey websites. Le Banquet is a caterer, specializing in original cuisine and art of the table, located in Paris. Solution "blog" with a page listing of unlimited articles and contact page. The site allows the caterer to present its activities and its services and as the possibility of being contacted.
La Licorne Noire
Website created for the company Wandi Expres specialized in creating turnkey websites. La Licorne Noire is a saddlery store, equipment of the horse and rider located in Rouvres Saint Jean in the Loiret (45). Solution "site showcase" turnkey, with a home page, 3 pages and a contact page showcases. The site allows the seller to present its history, the range of products available, opening hours and so the possibility of being contacted.
SillyId is the platform for account management of all users SillySmart and all our customers. It allows a transparent registration under Active Directory, administration of different groups, UO and rights in just a few clicks. The account created can have a unique identifier on all platforms used.
Le Boeuf Bon Par Nature
Development of a blog to accompany the campaign of public awareness of the many benefits of beef. This campaign is organized by the "professionals beef," specifically the National Association Interprofessional livestock and meat, the Interbev.
SillyBo is the layer of SillySmart for generating back-office customers in just a few clicks. In direct synchronization with MySQL, SillySmart lists the various models and generates a listing / filtering / paging / export / add / modify / delete a sleek GUI designed by William <Chatton> Lefevre.
NessNity is the developer of a social CRM for companies in the tourism industry. The Beta NessNity is a platform that allows local tourist offices, hotel chains, hotels, travel agencies and tour operators to effectively facilitate their networks of partners and B2B customers in the era of Web 2.0: contact management, creation of business communities, webmail, feeds and notifications, etc..
Acheter En Corse
Acheter En Corse is a website listing real estate in Corsica. The site allows individuals to agencies such as file / View offers to sell and / or rental. It also establishes a system of online payment in order to join different types of packages to submit tenders.
Portfolio of Charles Maunoury, freelance art director (web design, graphic design, illustration).
SillySmart Teasing
SillySmart is an MVC framework written in PHP5 based on parsing XML/XSL in the generation of layer View. It adopts several features more or less similar to those elders a view architecture and concepts, while providing a different approach to layer. An open source project that V1.0 has just been completed, soon available for all ages.
Platform offering completely free Internet regularly to new audiovisual interviews of public figures, but also news, photos, biography, ..., and a principle of bidding on items that belonged to stars.
Mily Kadz
Setting up a blog for Mily Kadz listing all the artists she manages media: text, image, audio, video, etc..
Rue Des Nounous
Teasing website of Rue des Nounous, an online service to link parents and nannies and help in planning for child care. Whether you are a parent or babysitter, you find all the tools and services to meet your demands and needs.
NessNity Preview
Site de teasing de NessNity, plateforme B2B et CRM Social à vocation de mettre en relation tous les professionnels de tourisme sous l'ère du Web 2.0.
Maria Et Ben
Maria Et Ben is "a factory of Digital Parisian projects, specializing in creating interactive digital tailor. This newsletter allowed to present his latest projects, news and links wishing to be put forward by Maria Et Ben.
Do The Barbie
Do The Barbie is a promotional website with a contest to accompany the evening DoTheBarbie organized by the Fashionistas. This website was created for the company Elle Est Belle's account in partnership with dContract. Following the organization of the evening DoTheBarbie, we have realised this website to elect the couple of the evening. The website allow these features : Register Login Search / Filter photos Viewing a photo with notes and/or comments Winners list A new little website based on SillySmart !
Adopt A Guy Teasing
Adopt A Guy Teasing is the launch site of a U.S. declination of Adopte Un Mec in collaboration with Florian Collot. Aimed at the U.S. market, this teasing allows impatient users to already register on the future website to be launched during the 4th quarter 2009. This small website provides a 1st implementation of SillySmart in Adopte Un Mec teams with a slight modification in the framework to allow it to run on a Lighttpd server failing Apache.
Adopte Un Mec
Since July 2009 I am in charge, with my collaborator Florian, of the maitenance third party applicative (adaptive and corrective) of the website and its SI. Adopte Un Mec is an innovative website meetings. Here it's women who are in charge and leading the "supermarket of meetings". Men can't deal directly with women, they must be previously put them in aisle and can only send charms to ladies to attract their curiosity. Next girls, once selected, can select the man-objects and put them in their basket. From this moment, the event and flirt can...
Functional clone of VideTonSac and very close to VieDeMerde, QuandJ' is a website made for the benefit of Jean-Marcel Rocchesani and Cécile Mariotti. CSS re-dressing, graphical rearrangement and change in editorial policy are the keywords of the little brother of VideTonSac. In a line much more specific and less evasive than VideTonSac, QuandJ'EtaisPetit focuses on the dreams and wishes of children and what they are today. Built on SillySmart as elders, QuandJ'EtaisPetit is one of Bashfr like those who left for a long way.
VideTonSac is a website made for the benefit of Jean-Marcel Rocchesani who wanted to give a more therapeutic dimension to anecodtes posted by users that did From a functional point of view, this website is substantially the same, it is possible for users to post their stories, anecdotes tempered by the members themselves thereafter, while respecting a certain editorial line. We can find the following features: Register Login Anecodtes paginated list with possible sorting Anecdote page Comments on a story (with the possibility of reporting...
Arts et Décors sans Frontières
Website created for the benefit of the association "Arts et Décors sans Frontières", an association that organizes art exhibitions, events and trainings in the field of arts and crafts (painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc.).. It provides basic functionality needed today to any association, namely : News Presentation List of exhibitions managed filters' to come ',' ongoing 'or' past ' Viewing an exhibition and photos mapped to her Name and address Contact form Back-Office It allows to position a young association on the...
SillySmart Framework
SillySmart is a PHP5 MVC framework developed by Florian Collot and myself, artistic direction of the project conducted by Charles Maunoury (logo, website, Charter, ...) and with the kind participation of Guillaume Lefèvre for the installer and back office. After testing Zend, Symfony or Cake without finding the modularity and simplicity of development we wanted, we started realizing our own framework. It adopts several features more or less similar to those seniors from an architecture and concepts, while providing a different layer view. Indeed, strong experience in web...
GrDF `Développement Durable`
GrDF - Développement Durable is an intranet website created for the Elle Est Belle company's account This website was developed from the desire of GrDF to achieve a  contest to educate its employees during the week of sustainable development. Thus, this website offers a daily multiple-choice question on the theme of sustainable development with a daily winner selected at random and the final winners. This small site, in flash exclusively for the user (by Alexis Czornomaz, project manager in Elle Est Belle), enabled me to set up beautifuls crontabs for draws...
Fuckbook is a free website meetings for adults developed for the Elle Est Belle company's account in the beginning of 2009. This website allows registered users to meet future partners under the age of 2.0. It offers the following features : Register / Login Search users by geographic, sex, age, and guidance Managing photos Full Webmail Invitation system Viewing user profiles /user photos Manage friendship (here fuckfriends) Manage virtual money (here fuckcash) External sponsorship directly by msn, gmail, yahoo, etc Management of its account, forgotten...
Toi Et Moi
Toi&Moi is a promotional website with a contest to accompany the evening Toi&Moi organized by the "Forum des Halles". This website was created for the company Elle Est Belle's account in partnership with dContract. Following the organization by the "Forum des Halles" in the evening Toi&Moi at the "Forum des Images", we have realised this website to elect the couple of the evening. The website allow these features : Register Login Search / Filter photos Viewing a photo with notes and/or comments Winners list This small...
Siam-Relaxation is the website of a Thai massage salon located in the heart of the Madeleine. This revision takes place in a referral concerns. Indeed, the old site was full flash, which had a disastrous result for referencing. The site is basically a "port" of flash to xHTML website with minor modifications. From a functional point of view, this site serves merely as a showcase and displays: Presentation team masseur Different types of massages available Rates Photos Contact Technologically speaking, it is reduced to basics languages xHTML / CSS...
Pratik is a multilanguage community website created for the Elle Est Belle company's account in the summer of 2008. This website aims to be the first free practice encyclopedia in video. It includes many features : User space : Homepage Modification of his own informations His Wall His favorites videos Comments on his videos Adding a personal photo Sending a video presentation by upload or by webcam streaming Choose a color website Webmail Inbox Outbox New message Users blacklist Management of videos uploaded...
L'Oreal Professionnel Homme
Website dedicated exclusively to iPhone market to ensure the promotion of exhibitions and brand L'Oreal Professionnel Homme created for the Elle Est Belle company's account. Offering an overview of the brand and product, listing of the various salons offering the service as well as a return user notes and comments, this website would allow any customer with an iPhone to find the salon nearest its location, and to establish a baseline of all the salons L'Oreal. This small project has allowed me to get initiated to technologies for the iPhone.
Collection Dinky Toys
Dinky Toys collection is a promotional website created for the Elle Est Belle company's account for the customer Editions Atlas to accompany the launch of the new edition collectible cars of the trademark Dinky Toys. The client wanted a presentation of the collection, forming a community of enthusiasts around Dinky Toys and access them to exclusive content. It follows from those next features : History of Dinky Toys Presentation of the collection / models for sale Complete forum Competition area Memory game Staging of Dinky Toys by user Big...
Mck-Films V2
Mck-Films V2 is the redesign of my website management of movie collection. This recast is built in the context of the evolution of my MVC framework (the first steps of SillySmart) to a complete outsourcing of the view layer for this model. I have been annoyed since a long time by that damn view layer mixing PHP and XHTML, which is simply horrible and very difficult to maintain without changing the whole xHTML. In my version 1.5 to solve this problem, I built a class HtmlFactory who parse xHTML dynamically, so as to restrict the compounds mixed PHP and xHTML. This...
Keller Intranet
Keller is the recasting executed as part of my studies of the intranet's Keller France. Programmed using the Zend framework in PHP5/xHTML, it enables the following features: Departments: Sharing document with multi-upload, previews and download Published news User management with creation, modification, deletion Management privileges to the users (admin, moderator or just a visitor in the department) Directory Synchronization with Active Directory directory of the company Multi-criteria in the directory thus...
Thierry Bientz
Management website of exits in France of my brother Thierry Bientz. Developed with my MVC framework in PHP5/xHTML, it allows several features: Present summary tables of the different outputs classified by: "Coup de force" "Coup de France" Out in the mountains Climbs in P.A.C.A Export data to Excel To display detailed statistics by category To publish articles of all kinds Share photos Libraries and API used for this project are as follows : Artichow, free generation of graphs statistics with GD2...
MyFrogger is another of my school projects done on behalf of the lab .NET through the XNA language (which is a C# framework) in 1st year of engineering at SUPINFO. MyFrogger is the resumption of the famous game developed by Konami in the 1980s.   The game principle is easy : You must run frogs to their homes. To do this, the player must cross a road, avoiding the cars and then a river switching from on object to another one.   The frog has the following enemies: 2 trains moving in opposite directions Cars moving on 7 lanes in...
MyTunes is one of my school projects done on behalf of the lab .NET through the C# in the 1st year of engineering at SUPINFO. MyTunes, as its name suggests, is the resumption of the famous audio player from Apple, iTunes. The technological environment was used were : Microsoft Visual C# Express 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 And the following addons : Microsoft.DirectX Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback UltraID3 Playlists and other tracks added to the application was stored in SQL Server 2005. This player allows among others the following features...
AGC Golf
AGC Golf is a site for the benefit of the association of golfers célysiens (a french city). It allows various basic management features so that the client can easily alert members outings organized by the association. Programmed in PHP5/xHTML with my MVC framework, this little site, built in the space of 2 days, lets amongst other : Publication of news using the JavaScript framework Tiny MCE Adding a flash calendar with PHP interactions of annual output of the association Creating galleries and multi-upload photos Terms of...
Quarks contains two websites carried out between October 2007 and March 2008 made for the Association of American Football at the Paris Sud XI University. I code this two websites in two distincts due of the lack of customer responsiveness and a lack of time. The realization of the back office has made 2 months in late 2007, there is a big part of design having regard to the consistency of the project. The customer wanted make on his website...
Mail-Attitude is a website that I made with Software-Attitude company, the technical subsidiary of Hardware-Attitude. This subsidiary produced many websites for clients. Mail-Attitude is intended to allow them to have a newsletters' system delivered with their website in the packaging. This site offers several features to the client: Campaign Management (creation, modification, deletion) Creating newsletter Creation of contacts Manage contacts / distribution lists Test for sending newsletters Planning of sending real-newsletters...
Mck-Death V2
Mck V2-Death is the full redesign of my 1st dynamic management of music collection. With my business experience, I have learned a lot in web architecture, so I started developing my own MVC framework in order to gain modularity. I took the site from scratch, in architectural, graphical and functional way. This site allowed me to build the foundations of the future SillySmart. The site as it is now, is easily maintainable, gaining enormously in clarity and has a very strong evolutionary dimension.
My Sweet Forum
My Sweet Forum is the french fan site of In Flames which includes a small community of people with whom we find ourselves in concert. One evening when I had time before me, I realized how much the discography section was quite ergonomic (about 20 CDs on the same page, scrolling for a quarter of an hour to enter the 1st album ..) So I code the page as I saw, with hidden divs going back and with small '+', '-' like a treeview. Thus, it gave good JavaScript as we like, and the result is good even though some small optimizations would be welcome (images preloading, fixed width...
Mck-Films V1
Mck-Films is the big brother of Mck-Death oriented this time on the management of collection of films and adopting a modern look. This site does nothing more than his second, it allows me to have a client manager to easily my collection of movies. I also reused the fatal PHP / MySQL mixing. We have these features: Latest additions  Multi-search Statistics Etc. Note that it also uses the excellent free software Ant Movie Catalog and the library libchart that I am now inseparable. The only innovation is the structure of this site, called "modern"...
Laurent Bientz V1
Laurent Bientz V1 is the first version of my personal website dated 2007. This version took much of the functionality of the current website, including: Brief presentation CV Works Screenshots Tools Contact Much of the content was static and the small dynamic part was completely decentralized and therefore not scalable. The redesign of this site is involved in graphics with the introduction of a new design and the participation of Charles Maunoury, at the application level with the deployment of SillySmart and therefore a native multilingual management and...
Foire Aux Vins 2007
"Foire Aux Vins 2007" is a project developped by the company Unilog for the client Carrefour. At the time in CDI, I joined a team of 3-4 persons (project manager, technical expert and developer(s)). The favorite was developed in a J2EE. To be more precise, here is the list of technologies used: Oracle - PL/SQL Java, JSP, Servlet Apache Tomcat Apache Struts xHTML, CSS, JavaScript XML, XSL API Quartz Based on an architecture 3 tiers, based on the Struts API (MVC model), here is how to place the whole application: A customer arrives on a page...
Ant's Empire
Ant's Empire was the 1st big project for my studies. During the 2nd year of DUT, we must make a end studies project. The subject is free and the duration is 7 months. The project must be developed in parallel courses. Being a big fan of strategy game, we decided to develop an Age of Empire's like. Of course, this comparison is rough, we are only based on concepts such strategy games. By challenge, we chose to do this in a language we did not know. Not having been much impressed by the C + + and would-be subject, we have opted for Java that we learned...
South Park
South Park is a project in 2nd year of DUT, which aimed to introduce us to the web 2.0, including the use of JavaScript to dynamically change a page using DOM. This course has unfortunately lasted a month, which was obviously too short to learn all these concepts: xHTML CSS JavaScript DOM Nevertheless, we learned the basics of Web 2.0 and we learned to manipulate dynamically the web client side. The site handled only once, and the menu and the content was managed dynamically through JavaScript and DOM client-side trees. At the click, JavaScript instantiating DOM ...
Sudoku was my 2nd project in language C and allowed to implement more advanced concepts, including recursion. We had 2 months to realize this project, always with the same catastrophic graphics library. The game allows 2 modes of play: An automatic mode that solves' automatically 'the gates of his choice. One way to implement recursion and evaluate our performance algorithms. A manual already allowed more interesting to play sudoku, and with 5 levels of difficulty. This method allowed to enter numbers and delete them if necessary. It also provides some...
Mck-Death V1
Mck-Death was my first personal dynamic website. The project Medelib learned me the basics of PHP / MySQL mixing, I decided to find an application that I learned to re-apply for personal use. Being passionate about music for several years and have recently discovered a free software for managing video / music named Ant Movie Catalog, I decided to create a client to manage and dynamically as soon as possible my disco. Ant Movie Catalog is a program that allows you to import informations of films / cds from databases directly from the Internet and generate SQL scripts...
Medelib was my first project in the world of web. After several months to discover  Oracle and the beginnings of SQL (to type queries non-stop in SQL'89 and'92 [...]), finally i discover the capacity of this language. After 2h in TD past to discover the HTML (short), no basis for CSS, JavaScript and MySQL, and PHP learn in 4h, we were released into the arena: "You have 3 weeks to develop an e-commerce website called Medelib (argg). I believe that is from this day that I learned the term "learning in speed." So even without knowing the existence of...
The Snake
The snake was my first project. Programmed in C after only 2-3 months of IUT, it is not necessarily clean. At the time, I did not know or structures, or pointers, let alone the chained lists ... Also, i unawared the old "make", so all the code is in only one file :/ Add to this, a graphics library, which was imposed by the school and who aren't intuitive! I must say that I have never checked back the code ... maybe it's better. This is a very basic program that everyone knows the goal of the game. The program allowed to eat apples and accumulate points. At...
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