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Projects - Sudoku

SudokuSudoku was my 2nd project in language C and allowed to implement more advanced concepts, including recursion.

We had 2 months to realize this project, always with the same catastrophic graphics library.

The game allows 2 modes of play:

  • An automatic mode that solves' automatically 'the gates of his choice. One way to implement recursion and evaluate our performance algorithms.
  • A manual already allowed more interesting to play sudoku, and with 5 levels of difficulty.
    This method allowed to enter numbers and delete them if necessary.
    It also provides some information:
    • Get the options in real time
    • Reveal a box to be helped
    • Reset false cases where it would be blocked
    • Solve the grid if you are lazy
This game allowed me to deepen my knowledge in C with the use of structures, pointers and recursion. Note that it is also not compatible windows.


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