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Projects - Foire Aux Vins 2007

Foire Aux Vins 2007"Foire Aux Vins 2007" is a project developped by the company Unilog for the client Carrefour.

At the time in CDI, I joined a team of 3-4 persons (project manager, technical expert and developer(s)).
The favorite was developed in a J2EE. To be more precise, here is the list of technologies used:
  • Oracle - PL/SQL
  • Java, JSP, Servlet
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Struts
  • xHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • XML, XSL
  • API Quartz

Based on an architecture 3 tiers, based on the Struts API (MVC model), here is how to place the whole application:

  • A customer arrives on a page (page extension. Do relayed by Struts) 
  • On the server side, Struts through an XML file to find a Java class and a JSP page in reference to this
  • Once all the security checks conducted by Struts (controller), the Java class is responsible for achieving its various treatments:
    • Connecting to a database
    • Processing forms
    • Instantiating objects
    • Etc.
  • The class then generates an XML stream suitable as a result of the process and delivers its verdict Web (the famous return mapping.forward Struts).
  • Struts retrieves the verdict, the research in its XML file, then forwards the desired page.
  • Finally, our XML stream generated by the class is parsed with a filter XSL.
  • All this is transmitted to the JSP file that has more than client-side display the document obtained xHTML.
Of course, I have greatly simplified the process, but this project has taught me the basics of J2EE world and possible interactions between so many different technologies.
A year ago, I could never imagine that we can mix as many languages and also get a rapid implementation.


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