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Projects - Pratiks

PratiksPratik is a multilanguage community website created for the Elle Est Belle company's account in the summer of 2008.

This website aims to be the first free practice encyclopedia in video.

It includes many features :

  • User space :
    • Homepage
    • Modification of his own informations
    • His Wall
    • His favorites videos
    • Comments on his videos
    • Adding a personal photo
    • Sending a video presentation by upload or by webcam streaming
    • Choose a color website
    • Webmail
      • Inbox
      • Outbox
      • New message
      • Users blacklist
    • Management of videos uploaded to the website
    • Search for other members of the website
  • Videos space :
    • Videos classified by channel and sub-channels
    • Multi-criteria search (most viewed, best rated, etc.).
    • Search videos by tag
    • Prominence of favorite videos + Tip of the day
    • Video page with:
      • View
      • Rate and/or comment the video
      • Add to favorites
      • Share video to other users by sending multiple mails
      • Buzzer the video on Facebook
      • Videos of the same channel
      • Videos of the same author
      • Related Videos
    • Uploading a video on the site or directly upload streaming webcam
  • Miscellaneous Topics :
    • Complete forum linked on the categories of videos
    • Best-Of section
    • Blog
    • Converter
    • Help

This website realised in short time (3 months) remains a good experience in the field of video on the Web. There remains some regrets for our team, the biggest point being that we did not support the artistic direction of the website, this one being imposed by the client. The result is a design, which for me is not at all 2.0 and all would be more classical, and a non-intuitive navigation.

From a technological point of view, this project is very rewarding with the use of a couple of many languages :

  • PHP5 / MySQL
  • xHTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • XML / XSL
  • Flash
  • Perl
  • Scripts Shell
  • Red5
  • Ffmpeg 

The whole of the application is based on SillySmart :)

Available online on this location :


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