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Projects - Mck-Films V2

Mck-Films V2Mck-Films V2 is the redesign of my website management of movie collection.

This recast is built in the context of the evolution of my MVC framework (the first steps of SillySmart) to a complete outsourcing of the view layer for this model.

I have been annoyed since a long time by that damn view layer mixing PHP and XHTML, which is simply horrible and very difficult to maintain without changing the whole xHTML.

In my version 1.5 to solve this problem, I built a class HtmlFactory who parse xHTML dynamically, so as to restrict the compounds mixed PHP and xHTML.

This solution helped me until a few months before I embarked on a project involving several people with various skills, and rather than lose a considerable amount of time to train our web designer to PHP, I decide to point me towards the solution XML / XSL.

The VMC always adopts the same architecture at the controller and model, by adding a url rewriting made in Zend Framework to gain referencing, but the latter does more with a class HtmlFactory, they directly generate XML that I parse dynamically with a template consisting of a series of XSL templates.

The controller is responsible for building a structured XML, and has all the information necessary to the current page, based on the URL (controller + action + N optional) and includes the appropriate XSL templates that go with the flow in question to get the xHTML.

This site is only the 1st application before a professional and private use during the coming months. One thing is sure, is the ultimate method that I found the most likely to separate view and controller. Our web designer has had no problem assimilating technology XSL, despite that it is a mighty impressive.

Similarly, the architecture is being further improved and the cutting is done with very Natural inclusions N levels XSL templates. That's where we reached a power evolving simple and strong.

About the site itself, nothing new, we find the sections of his elder with automatic parsing of Allociné to integrate back-office trivial.
These topics are:
  • Last adds
  • Browse by letter
  • Quick search + advanced search
  • Movie card
  • Statistics by genre & year
  • Contact page
  • Back office

He adopts a very sleek design, this aspect is not a priority for me, the goal remains is the integration of the V2 framework. However, this site will allow me (yet) to easily manage my collections, which, admittedly, is close to my heart:)

Available online on this location :


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