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Projects - Keller Intranet

KellerKeller is the recasting executed as part of my studies of the intranet's Keller France.

Programmed using the Zend framework in PHP5/xHTML, it enables the following features:
  • Departments:
    • Sharing document with multi-upload, previews and download
    • Published news
    • User management with creation, modification, deletion
    • Management privileges to the users (admin, moderator or just a visitor in the department)
  • Directory
    • Synchronization with Active Directory directory of the company
    • Multi-criteria in the directory thus formed
  • Geolocation using the Google Maps API for various agencies of the company "tagguées" on the map.
  • Various parts usual support, forum, mailing.

This project was interesting although it was quite chaotic to successfully organize properly in a project team of 5 members of SUPINFO promotions.
However, this gave me an overview of the Zend Framework, to weigh the pros and cons, keeping only the positive aspects in my personal framework.
The principle of url rewriting composed as follows: controleur/action/param1/value1/paramN/valueN is interesting in itself, as the class in which each mother View phtml template inherits.


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