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Adopte Un Mec

Since July 2009 I am in charge, with my collaborator Florian, of the maitenance third party applicative (adaptive and corrective) of the website and its SI.

Adopte Un Mec is an innovative website meetings. Here it's women who are in charge and leading the "supermarket of meetings". Men can't deal directly with women, they must be previously put them in aisle and can only send charms to ladies to attract their curiosity. Next girls, once selected, can select the man-objects and put them in their basket. From this moment, the event and flirt can begin.

With its exponential growth which has enabled him to rise to the height of gratinated french dating websites Adopte Un Mec recruited me to take charge of the MTA website and its SI.

Monitoring the roadmap, implementation of fixes, unit and integration tests, heavy application development around use of the site (moderation, API, etc.). and long-term scalable on the website and on other projects still confidential...

Available online on this location :


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