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Projects - MyFrogger

MyFroggerMyFrogger is another of my school projects done on behalf of the lab .NET through the XNA language (which is a C# framework) in 1st year of engineering at SUPINFO.

MyFrogger is the resumption of the famous game developed by Konami in the 1980s.


The game principle is easy :

You must run frogs to their homes. To do this, the player must cross a road, avoiding the cars and then a river switching from on object to another one.


The frog has the following enemies:

  • 2 trains moving in opposite directions
  • Cars moving on 7 lanes in opposite directions and at different speeds
  • Trunks of trees, of varying lengths, moving to 4 lanes in opposite directions and at different speeds
  • Moving turtles out of 5 lanes in opposite directions at different speeds and dive into the water by interference
When the frog reaches the 5 houses, it goes to the next level, which involves a number of enemies more or less important (more cars, fewer trunks and turtles) that move faster and faster. The challenge is thus increased tenfold.

After spending considerable time to develop Ant's Empire in Java, I was able to enjoy the flexibility and speed of development of the .NET world with the XNA framework.


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