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Projects - MyTunes

MyTunesMyTunes is one of my school projects done on behalf of the lab .NET through the C# in the 1st year of engineering at SUPINFO.

MyTunes, as its name suggests, is the resumption of the famous audio player from Apple, iTunes.

The technological environment was used were :

  • Microsoft Visual C# Express 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005

And the following addons :

  • Microsoft.DirectX
  • Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback
  • UltraID3

Playlists and other tracks added to the application was stored in SQL Server 2005.

This player allows among others the following features :

  • Player : Play, pause, stop, next, previous
  • Playlists management : add / modifications / delete
  • Changing data on one track (Artist, Title, Album, Name, Genre, Year)
  • Adding files to the library by file(s) or recursive directory listing
  • File management: add to the playlist, delete
  • Sound: stronger / weaker / silent
  • Managing the scrolling of the track: navigation trackbar + current meter time
  • Playing mode : repeat / shuffle
  • Management of cumulative filters: genres / artists / albums
  • Tag ID3 support

This project made me more familiar with. NET technologies and especially couples C #, WinForms, ADO.NET and SQL Server


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