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Projects - Collection Dinky Toys

Collection Dinky ToysDinky Toys collection is a promotional website created for the Elle Est Belle company's account for the customer Editions Atlas to accompany the launch of the new edition collectible cars of the trademark Dinky Toys.

The client wanted a presentation of the collection, forming a community of enthusiasts around Dinky Toys and access them to exclusive content.

It follows from those next features :

  • History of Dinky Toys
  • Presentation of the collection / models for sale
  • Complete forum
  • Competition area
    • Memory game
    • Staging of Dinky Toys by user
    • Big quiz
  • Complete user-space
    • Profile
    • Photos
    • Links
    • Feeds
    • Friends
  • Bonus content
    • Widget
    • Dinkyrama
    • Dinkvidéo
This website, produced in very short delay, was designed on the basis of the MVC framework PHP5/xHTML without XSL layer.
Available online on this location :


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