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Projects - Mck-Death V1

Mck-DeathMck-Death was my first personal dynamic website.

The project Medelib learned me the basics of PHP / MySQL mixing, I decided to find an application that I learned to re-apply for personal use.

Being passionate about music for several years and have recently discovered a free software for managing video / music named Ant Movie Catalog, I decided to create a client to manage and dynamically as soon as possible my disco.

Ant Movie Catalog is a program that allows you to import informations of films / cds from databases directly from the Internet and generate SQL scripts adequate.

So I began on the implementation of this site provides the following features:

  • Post news 
  • View and dynamic ranking the latest additions per month
  • Manage the artists alphabetically
  • Search engine multi-criteria
  • Manage missing albums 
  • Dynamically show statistics with diagrams with the free graphics library libchart
  • Comments (guestbook)
  • SQL's queries Manager into the Back Office
A site that I find it very useful and today I make evolve to a version 2.
Available online on this location :


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