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Cv - book

Laurent Bientz BIENTZ Laurent, 38 years old
77000 Vaux-le-Pénil

School path

Computer Engineer in SupInfo School (Paris 10)
Technological University Institute option Application's Developer in Paris 12 University - Val de Marne (Fontainebleau)
Scientific A-levels option Physics-Chemistry in high school St-Aspais (Melun)

Career path

01 october 2009 to today: Wandi - Project Manager
Project management, software architecture and technical expertise.
20 april 2009 to 30 april 2010: Freelance - Web Developer
Software architecture & web development.
01 jully 2008 to 30 jully 2009: Elle Est Belle - Web Technical Expert
Software architecture and technical expertise on Web's technologies (PHP5, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, XML, XSL, xHTML, CSS, Perl).
01 november 2007 to 28 february 2008: Software Attitude - Developer Engineer PHP5
Responsible of the development of a newsletters' API and a large number of client's modules with Web technologies PHP5, MySQL, xHTML, CSS & JavaScript.
18 june 2007 to 31 august 2007: Unilog (Logica) - Developer Engineer J2EE
Co-development manager of e-commerce website "Foire Aux Vins 2007" for the Web division of the company Carrefour France.
09 april 2007 to 15 june 2007: Unilog (Logica) - Developer Engineer ASP & Delphi
Responsible for corrective and scalable maintenance of website and its SI for the Web division of the company Carrefour France. In front with the customer, I deal daily with the rising incidents on the platform, develop and deploy patches on the pre-production. I also ensured the implementation of major changes to the drafting of technical specifications to the deployment phase in production.


Javascript / AJAX / JSON
XML / XSL / xPath / Rss / Atom
Oracle SQL / PL-SQL
SQL Server / T-SQL
Zend Framework
Zend Studio
Aptana Studio
Others languages
C / C++
UML - Unified Modeling Language
Merise: analysis, design and project management integrated (MCD, MCT, MLD, MLT).


2012 : DVD
DVDWebsite Management DVD collection.
2012 : HYT
HYTWebsite of HYT, fine jewelry Swiss.
2012 : Rapid Antenne 77
Rapid Antenne 77Website of the company Rapid Antenne 77.
2012 : Brocantez
BrocantezWebsite ads of Brocantez.
2012 : SillySmart Official Teaser
SillySmart Official TeaserSite teasing of SillySmart, a lightweight and flexible MVC Framework.
2011 : Chatton
ChattonWebsite of Guillaume Lefèvre aka <Chatton>, freelance art director.
2011 : Belle Aventure
Belle AventureWebsite of the agency transformation Belle Aventure.
2011 : Fubiz
FubizFubiz's WP7 application.
2011 : Numerama
NumeramaNumerama's WP7 application.
2011 : Johnnie Walker
Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker french website.
2011 : Paco Rabanne
Paco RabanneEvent website for Paris Fashion Week.
2011 : Hyt Teasing / Press
Hyt Teasing / PressSite teasing of HYT, fine jewelry Swiss.
2011 : Caron
CaronFacebook application for Caron.
2011 : FFT - Concertation Roland Garros
FFT - Concertation Roland GarrosWebsite of a gallery of artists.Community website on consultation of the redevelopment of Roland Garros.
2011 : Place à Elles
Place à EllesWebsite of a gallery of artists.
2011 : In Sky
In SkyWebsite of In Sky.
2011 : Soft
SoftWebsite of Soft agency.
2011 : Le Monde D'Avant
Le Monde D'AvantBlog of the world before.
2011 : Dom Pérignon - Epistole
Dom Pérignon - EpistoleWebzine communautaire.
2011 : TechnoMarine Copenhagen
TechnoMarine CopenhagenEvent website for the Copenhagen Fashion Week.
2011 : Le Petit Baïona
Le Petit BaïonaWebsite of a Basque restaurant.
2011 : Barnum
BarnumWebsite of an event organizer.
2011 : Nouveau-Serrurier
Nouveau-SerrurierWebsite for a locksmith.
2011 : Shop&tip
Shop&tipSocial shopping website.
2011 : JTV Apave
JTV ApaveWebTV for the news of Apave.
2011 : 1Clic1Deal
1Clic1DealWebsite of 1Clic1Deal company.
2011 : D-Mai
D-MaiWebsite of D-Mai company.
2011 : TechnoMarine Basel
TechnoMarine BaselWebApp iPad for Baselworld.
2011 : RTE International
RTE InternationalWebsite of the opening international of RTE.
2011 : Chaumet
ChaumetWebsite of the product launch Bee My Love.
2011 : Ateliers de la Création Urbaine
Ateliers de la Création UrbaineWebsite of Urban Design Workshops.
2011 : Rexel
RexelWordpress blog.
2011 : Avob
AvobWebsite of the green company Avob.
2011 : Elle Est Belle
Elle Est BelleWebsite of the advertising agency Elle Est Belle.
2011 : SupDesRH
SupDesRHWebsite of school SupDesRH.
2011 : UNASS
UNASSWebsite of UNASS.
2011 : Vilebrequin
VilebrequinPhoto slider Vilebrequin.
2011 : ClasSelection
ClasSelectionWebsite of ClasSelection company.
2010 : HEC AMO
HEC AMOWebsite of the division AMO school HEC.
2010 : Parker
ParkerApplication Facebook Parker.
2010 : StarLimos
StarLimosWebsite of StarLimos, limousine rental.
2010 : Sennse
SennseWebsite of the company Sennse.
2010 : AFII
AFIIWebsite promoting the interests of investors in France.
2010 : Shiseido
ShiseidoFacebook Application for Shiseido.
2010 : CB'a Design
CB'a DesignBack-Office and AMFPHP gateway to CB'a Design.
2010 : Rue Des Nounous
Rue Des NounousBabysitting 2.0 website.
2010 : TechnoMarine
TechnoMarineWebsite of TechnoMarine, fine jewelry Swiss .
2010 : TechnoMarine Store
TechnoMarine StoreTechnoMarine' Store Locator.
2010 : TechnoMarine Blog
TechnoMarine BlogTechnoMarine's blog.
2010 :
France.frSite web portail de la France.
2010 : Chez-Bernard
Chez-BernardWandi Express Website showcase of a restaurant.
2010 : Wandi
WandiWebsite of Wandi, web agency.
2010 : Le Banquet
Le BanquetWandi Express Website blog of a caterer.
2010 : La Licorne Noire
La Licorne NoireWandi Express Website showcase of a saddlery store.
2010 : SillyId
SillyIdWebsite of SillySmart account management.
2010 : Le Boeuf Bon Par Nature
Le Boeuf Bon Par NatureBlog accompanying public awareness campaign about the benefits of beef.
2010 : SillyBo
SillyBoCustomer backoffice generated by SillySmart.
2010 : NessNity
NessNityWebsite of NessNity, community platform for tourism professionals.
2010 : Acheter En Corse
Acheter En CorseWebsite purchasing / renting property in Corsica.
2010 : ScrawnyRabbit
ScrawnyRabbitWebsite of Charles Maunoury, artistic director freelance.
2010 : SillySmart Teasing
SillySmart TeasingTeasing website of SillySmart, PHP Framework.
2010 : VeryLou
VeryLouWebsite of auctions and interviews of peoples.
2010 : Mily Kadz
Mily KadzBlog of Mily Kadz identifying media artists.
2010 : Rue Des Nounous
Rue Des NounousTeasing website of Rue des Nounous, babysitting 2.0.
2010 : NessNity Preview
NessNity PreviewTeasing Website of NessNity, Social CRM and B2B platform.
2010 : Maria Et Ben
Maria Et BenNewsletter with news from the company Maria And Ben.
2009 : Do The Barbie
Do The BarbiePromotional website accompanying the evening DoTheBarbie and its contest.
2009 : Adopt A Guy Teasing
Adopt A Guy TeasingWebsite teasing for the U.S. version of Adopte Un Mec.
2009 : Adopte Un Mec
Adopte Un MecWebsite meetings with innovative concept.
2009 : QuandJ'EtaisPetit
QuandJ'EtaisPetitYoung brother of VideTonSac, in a line of innocence and childhood dreams.
2009 : VideTonSac
VideTonSacVDM' like in a therapic line with crispies anecdotes.
2009 : Arts et Décors sans Frontières
Arts et Décors sans FrontièresWebsite of ADF association, "Arts et Décors sans Frontières".
2009 : SillySmart Framework
SillySmart FrameworkFramework PHP5 MVC based on XML/XSL parsing natively multilanguage.
2009 : GrDF `Développement Durable`
GrDF `Développement Durable`Intranet site of game-contest on the theme of sustainable development.
2009 : Fuckbook
FuckbookWebsite for adults meetings.
2009 : Toi Et Moi
Toi Et MoiPromotional website accompanying the evening Toi Et Moi and its contest.
2009 : Siam-Relaxation
Siam-RelaxationRedesign of a website of message Thai.
2008 : Pratiks
PratiksCommunity website for sharing videos in the exclusive domain of "how to".
2008 : L'Oreal Professionnel Homme
L'Oreal Professionnel HommeIPhone website for the promotion of L'Oreal Professionnel Homme.
2008 : Collection Dinky Toys
Collection Dinky ToysPromotional website accompanying the reprint of the Dinky Toys' collection.
2008 : Mck-Films V2
Mck-Films V2Website management of movies' collection.
2008 : Keller Intranet
Keller IntranetKeller is the recasting of the intranet's Keller France.
2008 : Thierry Bientz
Thierry BientzWebsite management of outings in France in cycle of Thierry Bientz.
2008 : MyFrogger
MyFroggerGame developed in language C# with XNA framework.
2008 : MyTunes
MyTunesSoftware playing and audio library management developped in language C#.
2008 : AGC Golf
AGC GolfWebsite of AGC.
2008 : Quarks
QuarksWebsite of the Association of American Football at the Paris Sud XI University.
2008 : Mail-Attitude
Mail-AttitudeMailing website offering a complete system of newsletters.
2007 : Mck-Death V2
Mck-Death V2Website management of music collection.
2007 : My Sweet Forum
My Sweet ForumWebsite of In Flames' fan club.
2007 : Mck-Films V1
Mck-Films V1Website management of movies' collection.
2007 : Laurent Bientz V1
Laurent Bientz V1The first version of my personal website.
2007 : Foire Aux Vins 2007
Foire Aux Vins 2007E-commerce website in J2EE.
2007 : Ant's Empire
Ant's EmpireGame in network and in 2D in Java.
2006 : South Park
South ParkWebsite xHTML/CSS/Javascript.
2006 : Sudoku
SudokuSudoku game in language C.
2005 : Mck-Death V1
Mck-Death V1Website management of music collection.
2005 : Medelib
MedelibE-commerce website in PHP4.
2005 : The Snake
The SnakeGame developped in language C.