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Projects - Thierry Bientz

Thierry BientzManagement website of exits in France of my brother Thierry Bientz.

Developed with my MVC framework in PHP5/xHTML, it allows several features:

  • Present summary tables of the different outputs classified by:
    • "Coup de force"
    • "Coup de France"
    • Out in the mountains
    • Climbs in P.A.C.A
  • Export data to Excel
  • To display detailed statistics by category
  • To publish articles of all kinds
  • Share photos

Libraries and API used for this project are as follows :

  • Artichow, free generation of graphs statistics with GD2 (PHP)
  • TinyMCE, framework WYSIWYG of free generating of html (JavaScript)
  • ImageFlow, script photo slider with reflections (PHP)
  • LightBox2, script slide show highlighting photos (JavaScript)
  • GnooCalendar, calendar widget (JavaScript)
Available online on this location :


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