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Projects - The Snake

The SnakeThe snake was my first project.

Programmed in C after only 2-3 months of IUT, it is not necessarily clean. At the time, I did not know or structures, or pointers, let alone the chained lists ...
Also, i unawared the old "make", so all the code is in only one file :/
Add to this, a graphics library, which was imposed by the school and who aren't intuitive!
I must say that I have never checked back the code ... maybe it's better.

This is a very basic program that everyone knows the goal of the game.
The program allowed to eat apples and accumulate points. At each level of points, we increment to a level and at the same time increasing the speed of movement of the snake. The player has only 3 lives.

It was a very good first programming experience. I remember at the time, everyone stressful to successfully complete the game in 1 month.
In the end, it allowed me to learn the basics of C and obtain a 14.5 / 20 if my memory is good:)
Note that this "beautiful" graphics library (developed by a teacher) was not compatible with Windows (IUT was committed to the cause of Linus Torvalds).


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