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Projects - Medelib

MedelibMedelib was my first project in the world of web.

After several months to discover  Oracle and the beginnings of SQL (to type queries non-stop in SQL'89 and'92 [...]), finally i discover the capacity of this language.

After 2h in TD past to discover the HTML (short), no basis for CSS, JavaScript and MySQL, and PHP learn in 4h, we were released into the arena: "You have 3 weeks to develop an e-commerce website called Medelib (argg).

I believe that is from this day that I learned the term "learning in speed."

So even without knowing the existence of the CSS, we focus on the PHP side and I could find an application to what we had done in SQL.

With so little time (especially since all the data model was asked!), We have developp only one site in HTML (ugly!) with features of e-commerce:
  • Registration / Authentication
  • Sending emails
  • Catalog / News / Promotions / Bestsellers
  • Product sheet
  • Inventory Management
  • Search multi-criteria
  • Shopping cart
  • Session
  • Comments
  • Control / Monitoring
  • Invoic
  • Back-Office

Beyond the graphical side, the site remains very correct!
This is this project that made me want to discover the world of the Web.


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