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Projects - Ant's Empire

Ant's EmpireAnt's Empire was the 1st big project for my studies.

During the 2nd year of DUT, we must make a end studies project.
The subject is free and the duration is 7 months. The project must be developed in parallel courses.

Being a big fan of strategy game, we decided to develop an Age of Empire's like.
Of course, this comparison is rough, we are only based on concepts such strategy games.

By challenge, we chose to do this in a language we did not know.
Not having been much impressed by the C + + and would-be subject, we have opted for Java that we learned independently.

Our concept:

You run a colony of ants and must destroy the enemy, very classic, right?
You must have a forum at the outset and must collect resources (food, wood) to increase your capital. This allows you to create other ants (workers or warriors) and other buildings (houses, barracks) to further develop and go to combat ...

The game is developed in Java, it only plays in 2D network.
We took great pleasure in developing this project, our only regret is the time we have sorely missed.
We would have liked to manage more units / separate buildings or other improvements to extend the lifespan of this game that quickly becomes tedious.

Nevertheless, this game we learned a lot of concepts (client / server socket connection, thread, Swing GUI, etc ...)
This project will remain one of the greatest memories of the DUT.
Note, it's in Java so no problem of portability!


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