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Projects - Arts et Décors sans Frontières

Arts et Décors sans Frontières

Website created for the benefit of the association "Arts et Décors sans Frontières", an association that organizes art exhibitions, events and trainings in the field of arts and crafts (painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc.)..

It provides basic functionality needed today to any association, namely :

  • News
  • Presentation
  • List of exhibitions managed filters' to come ',' ongoing 'or' past '
  • Viewing an exhibition and photos mapped to her
  • Name and address
  • Contact form
  • Back-Office

It allows to position a young association on the Internet, to present their exhibits and their purpose in order to bring more visitors in future.

This site is also built on SillySmart, the framework of the future :)

Available online on this location :


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