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SillySmart is a lightweight and flexible MVC Framework written in PHP5 based on XML/XSL's parsing.

SillySmart is a free, open-source Web application development framework since 2007.

It was written to address several issues:

  • No PHP framework actually allows a natural way to use a View layer built through XML/XSL.
  • Allowing various collaborators on a project with different and complementary skills to work independently at several levels of the code (PHP at Controller's level, MySQL at Model's level, XSL at View's level, client-side JavaScript, etc.) ; without interfering or depending on your collaborator’s works.
  • Implement a true separation of MVC layers across various technologies and specific language to each layer
  • Allow a readable implementation of layer View which takes advantage of a “phtml templates” like semantic in XML, to obtain with modularity, a powerful progressive and corrective maintenance dimension.
  • Provide a framework, that thanks to his XML skeleton can easily generate N distinct types of outputs (RSS, Atom, Web services, Ajax, etc..) without any problems of casting or parsing.
  • Provide a lightweight framework that doesn't carry hundreds of components but still stays expandable to meet individual needs through additional plugins.

Main features:

  • MVC
  • XML / XSL / xPATH
  • DAO / Persistence / CRUD
  • PDO / QueryBuilder / ExprBuilder
  • i18n
  • HMI
  • Admin Generator
  • Theming 
  • URL Rewriting / Disptaching / URL Mapping
  • Multi domains
  • Multi databases
  • Plugins
  • many mores...

Check for full presentation, download, api, getting started, documentation and forum.

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