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VideTonSac is a website made for the benefit of Jean-Marcel Rocchesani who wanted to give a more therapeutic dimension to anecodtes posted by users that did

From a functional point of view, this website is substantially the same, it is possible for users to post their stories, anecdotes tempered by the members themselves thereafter, while respecting a certain editorial line.

We can find the following features:
  • Register
  • Login
  • Anecodtes paginated list with possible sorting
  • Anecdote page
  • Comments on a story (with the possibility of reporting abuse)
  • Add anecdote
  • Moderate stories with follow-up actions in real time
  • FAQ
This small website, realized within a few days gathering Jeremy Marzo for design and Florian Collot for the xHTML integration, is solidly built on SillySmart like all his little brothers now :)
Available online on this location :


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