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Blog - Converting a mysql column from iso to utf-8

Converting a mysql column from iso to utf-8

If one of your sql dump was poorly encoded and you want to convert a mysql column from iso to utf-8, here is a small conversion table for common characters :

UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'’','‘');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'°','°');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'à','Ã ');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'á','á');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'â','â');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ã','ã');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ä','ä');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'å','Ã¥');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'æ','æ');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ç','ç');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'è','è');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'é','é');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ê','ê');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ë','ë');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ì','ì');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'í','Ã' );
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'î','î');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ï','ï');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ð','ð');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ñ','ñ');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ò','ò');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ó','ó');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ô','ô');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'õ','õ');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ö','ö');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ù','ù');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ú','ú');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'û','û');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ü','ü');
UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`,'ý','ý');
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Posted the Wednesday 29 april 2009 23:04:48